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    Airbnb with kids? We help you what to look for!

    Traveling with kids is a special situation. To make sure everything goes smoothly, here are…

    Aug 4, 202341113 min read

    If you could move anywhere in the world…

    WHERE WOULD YOU GO? The world is full of fascinating and diverse countries, every single…

    Jul 25, 202366714 min read

    IELTS exam

    An IELTS language test certificate can open up mass opportunities around the globe! If you…

    Jul 19, 20234079 min read

    University of British Columbia – FREE online courses

    Are you eager to expand your knowledge and learn from one of the top universities…

    Jul 18, 202344710 min read

    5 weird things that can only happen in Canada

    From chips covered in ketchup to maple syrup treats dipped in the snow, Canadians do…

    Jul 17, 20234949 min read

    10 reasons why it is good to live abroad

    Have you ever thought about studying abroad or even moving abroad? 10 reasons why it’s…

    Jul 16, 20235149 min read

    12 things you didn’t know about the French Foreign Legion

    This is reality and not a virtual game! For many people it is a dream…

    Jul 14, 202349111 min read

    Do you own a business? Do not miss out on this one!

    It’s been three years since this this Continent Surfer ‘love project’ was created. We have…

    Jul 11, 202335510 min read

    Citizenship: “How many nationalities could I have?”

    In general, it can be difficult to make heads or tails of citizenship issues. The…

    Jul 10, 202352713 min read

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