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    12 things you didn’t know about the French Foreign Legion

    This is reality and not a virtual game! For many people it is a dream…

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    Do you own a business? Do not miss out on this one!

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    Citizenship: “How many nationalities could I have?”

    In general, it can be difficult to make heads or tails of citizenship issues. The…

    Jul 10, 202331942 min read

    How to choose the right destination

    You have probably thought about leaving your hometown or country. How would you be choosing…

    Jul 2, 202326140 min read

    15 interesting facts you did not know about Australia

    Australia is one of the world’s most wonderful holiday destinations. It is known worldwide for…

    Jun 27, 202342638 min read

    5+1 tips before you fly

    Here are five essential tips, along with a bonus tip, to consider before you fly!…

    Jun 24, 202329538 min read

    Which countries are not for you if you don’t like nature

    While preferences can vary from person to person, if you’re not particularly fond of nature,…

    Jun 24, 202327437 min read

    5+1 Favourite countries in the LGBT world

    The world offers a diverse range of destinations that are known for being inclusive and…

    Jun 24, 202328937 min read

    5 important steps before moving abroad

    Moving abroad is a significant decision that requires careful planning and preparation. Here are five…

    Jun 24, 202335538 min read

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