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  • Is FLYING the safest way to travel? Overbooking, lack of life jackets, oxygen masks, how do pilots land? Read more!

9 things airlines don’t talk about

Statistics show that flying is still the safest form of transport, but is it really true?

written by: Bogi – Continent Surfer

What certain is that airlines are doing everything they can, to make people feel safe, taken care of and that they can expect a pleasant time and a pleasant journey if they choose them. But let’s see what are the 9 things they don’t like to talk about.

1. Overbooking

Airlines regularly sell more tickets than there are seats on the planes. Why? To keep ticket prices low and to make sure that every flight makes a profit for the airline. A flight is only profitable if it is at least 75% full. They hope that some people will not arrive at the airport on time, or get caught up in security checks and miss their flight. So yes, there is a chance that the seat, the ticket you booked, has already been sold to someone else.

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2. Screws

During a trip, you may look out the window and be greeted by the sight of a plane’s fuselage missing its screws. Is there any reason for instant panic? There have been reports of many planes flying thousands of kilometers over several days with 20 to 30 screws missing from the fuselage. Has not been a problem.

3. Fuel

Regulations require an aircraft to have a total of fuel in it before take-off to cover the planned trip, plus 45 minutes extra distance. Yes, this means that aircraft are not always refueled before take-off. This rule is in place so that in case of emergency, the plane can land at a smaller airport or on a freeway.

4. Oxygen mask

If you thought that an oxygen mask would give you an unlimited supply of fresh air in a case of emergency, you were totally wrong. You can get about 12–15 minutes‘ worth of oxygen from the masks on the aircraft, and it doesn’t even come from oxygen tanks, which would be extremely explosive. The life-saving oxygen is produced in a chemical reaction, and the oxygen is delivered to you through the mask.

5. Life jacket

A life jacket is extremely important in a case of emergency, but it’s worthless if it’s missing from under your seat. People have no idea how many of these life jackets are stolen by passengers just for fun, and the sad thing is that flight attendants don’t check that all life jackets are in place. We know of a tragedy in the US where a plane crashed into the Hudson River and only 33 of the 155 passengers on board had life jackets.

6. Pilots

In a 2015 survey, 56% of the pilots who completed the survey admitted the sad fact that they had fallen asleep in flight and of those 56%, 26% also admitted that they had woken up from a nap to find the co-pilot had fallen asleep – also.

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7. Stowaways

The plane you travelled on last time was probably loaded with things, other than passengers of course, that you wouldn’t have thought of. The baggage compartments of airplanes are loaded with everything from exotic animals to human organs for various transplants to corpses.

8. Closed doors

Ever wondered why doors on planes are closed so soon before take-off? According to the rules, crew can keep passengers on the plane for up to 3 hours before the plane takes off.

9. Landing

It may sound awful, but most pilots like to make difficult landings because they can show off their skills. In a survey of the world’s top pilots, the top 3 favorite places to land were Gibraltar, Naples and Madeira.

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Did you know?

Did you know that of all the passengers on any Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 flying around the world, one is sure to lose their suitcase every time? And on the largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380, on average three people will not have their bags in their hands when they leave the airport!

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