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5 misconceptions about Tenerife

Please forget everything you’ve heard about Tenerife for a few minutes and let me tell you what I have experienced over the past 6 years. You will hear different opinions about Tenerife if you are on holiday or even if you are interested in moving to the island. In this article, I would like to dispel some misconceptions.

written by: Sylvi – Continent Surfer

1.Tenerife is boring

Tenerife is much more diverse than many people think. The weather is pleasant all year round, bathing and sunbathing are possible almost every day, BUT not in all parts of the island. The ocean temperature is constant all year round, but from January to April it is still considered to be a bit colder. However if you don’t really mind to take a dip in a 20°C water while the air is around 18-22°C…well then you can really swim all year round. Sunbathing in the south of the island at any time during the day in light summer suit is just perfectly pleasant.

Tenerife also offers plenty of activities so being on holiday here is not all about spending your time on the beach.

The island has a volcano, called Teide and a huge volcanic crater. You can climb the volcano or take a cable car to the top. There are many great routes around and hiking trails within and beyond the Teide National Park. Even the road to the national park is fascinating already! Serpentines, canary pine forests and lunar landscapes at night.

You will never see the same scenery twice on this island, with mountain ranges, beautiful towns, botanical gardens, zoos and many more.

Personally, in 6 years I have never been bored and still find things to do, towns or new hiking trails, beaches to discover.

2. The sun always shines

Unfortunately, I have to disagree. The sun shines more in the south and less in the north, especially during the winter months. There are some places where it is almost always sunny, like Los Gigantes, or places that are more cloudy than sunny, like Puerto de la Cruz. In the north, the rainforest and mountains are still rainy in the summer, while in the south there is not a drop of rain for months.

Periods of sunshine are also affected by the Calima, the wind that occasionally brings sand from Africa, and sometimes there is so much sand in the air that the sun is mistaken for a full moon!

3. There are only black sand and rocky beaches

When you see black sand for the first time, you might be a little surprised. This sand is completely different from what your feet are used to on other sandy beaches. This black sand can be very soft, with a pebbly texture that is gentle to your feet, and some that are more pebbly. But if this black sand doesn’t suit you, you can still find soft golden sand from the Sahara in Africa. Elsewhere, the beach looks like tiger stripes, but there’s plenty of gray sand, lighter, almost white, and dark gray.

If you’re not in the mood for sand, there are plenty of secluded coves, natural lava rock pools and smooth rocky beaches. No two “playas” are the same and everyone will find the beach they like best.

4. Tenerife is barren

Once you leave the tourist area and drive south for an hour or so, you’ll be treated to more plants and greenery than you can imagine. In Anaga you’ll find not only cacti and palm trees, but also meter-high ferns, laurel forests, mosses, lichens and wild flowers, as there is much more rainfall throughout the year. You can find plants that grow nowhere else in the world. It’s worth a visit because you’ll feel like you’re back in another world.

The Teno Mountains offer an incredibly spectacular landscape with lush green vegetation. You can walk among dragon trees, palm trees, cacti several meters high, hike and almost breathe the fresh air.

5. Wedding during your stay

Sounds romantic, but unfortunately this will only be a legal wedding if at least one of you has a Spanish passport or can prove that they have lived in Spain for more than 2 years. If you don’t, then you can have the ceremony and the wedding here, but the forma ceremony at the townhall must be arranged at your own country of residence.

For those who want to have a special wedding, there are many wedding planners and tour operators who can help you with the arrangements, permits, venue, flowers, decorations, catering and photography services. It’s worth knowing that you will need a permit for a beach wedding, even if it’s just an informal wedding and you want to have one of the best moments of your life here, watching the sunset under the palm trees.

NOT LEGAL at all in public places, for communal use, not legal in any way. Growing a plant for personal use at home is allowed, but selling it is FORBIDDEN. Licensed medical grows are strictly controlled.

Don’t be fooled by the rumors that there are special social clubs, cafes where anyone can buy and use, because in these places you can have a membership where you have to pay a fee (if you are a resident and have the proper documentation) for benefits, but again they are not specifically selling the product, they are technically selling a membership. The facilities have to meet pretty strict criteria, and they are strictly enforced. These places do not even serve tourists!

Cannabis grown and sold for medical purposes, and CBD oils made from it, are legal, subject to registration and certification.

 Spain offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Whether you’re indulging in delicious tapas, cheering on your favourite football team, or getting lost in the maze-like streets of medieval towns, Spain promises an unforgettable experience. Would you like to grab your dancing shoes, embrace the siesta culture, and get ready to immerse yourself in the colourful tapestry that is Spain?

Did you know?

The Tenerife flag is the same as Scotland’s, this is because St Andrew is the patron saint of the island. 43% of the entire Canary Islands’ population live on the island. The canary bird was named after the islands, not the other way around. 

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Original article: 5 tévhit Tenerife kapcsán! Translated by: BOGI – CONTINENT SURFER

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