Affiliate Partner Programme

Our AFFILIATE PARTNER PROGRAMME is a great opportunity for both providers and individuals to benefit from Continent Surfer’s success. As an Affiliate marketer, you will act as an intermediary between us and our potential customers. You will earn income by promoting our services, reaching our potential clients and getting commissions once they purchase our services through you. As a Partner Provider you can offer your services through us, reach more clients without any extra effort, and you will be able to expand your network and increase your income

How does the affiliate programme work?

You promote the services of Continent Surfer with the help of a unique affiliate link we send you. This link contains a unique identifier that is linked exclusively to you. When people click on this link and purchase any services from us, you will receive commission. Easy!

Your task is solely getting customers, the rest of the purchasing process is our partner’s and the operators of If you know anyone that could benefit from our services, share your link with them – they’ll surely thank you afterward.

Our service partners are language tutors, translators and interpreters, agents and immigration lawyers, and other professionals that can help people on their journey moving abroad. Browse here to see our continuously growing partner network.

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How the commission system works

Build a team or work alone! Either one is worth it!

Our partners pay a commission on the sale of their services to each customer, and on each sale to the same customer later in time. Commissions paid on a monthly basis.

Our partners pay a commission to us (Continent Surfer) after they get a new customer through our site, and 40% of that sale goes directly to YOU if they come through your affiliate link. This also applies to every purchase this customer makes, even if they decide to use multiple providers on our site. Commissions are paid out on a monthly basis.

Let’s say that you bring another affiliate partner from your network to us, and they become our partners, then you will receive 10% of the commission paid after all sales they have contributed to. By them – in other words, – all sales they make will also generate you a passive income. Based on these two ways, you have a choice of promoting services yourself or adding more affiliates to your network, earning entirely passively this way.

How does it work in practice?

After you have applied via our form, you will receive your affiliate link from us. With this link, you will be able to share our website and our providers anywhere online.

Just a few examples:

1. Maybe you heard that someone wants to move to Australia. You can link our immigration specialists or advisors to them. If they contact our provider through this link, we’ll pay you 40% of the commission we receive for this purchase.
2. You can share our services in Facebook groups or on any social media platform. If you run a blog or have a website, you can also promote us there with the help of the affiliate link. Think of providers like Amazon or Revolut – it works the same way!

3. You can also recommend other people to join our affiliate program. If they manage to reach potential customers and get sales, not only they will get their well-earned 40%, but you will also get 10% of these sales.

It is really up to you what you will focus on – either promoting our services by yourself or building a team of people who can do some of that job for you – and for us. And of course – you can do both.

Our PARTNER PROGRAMME is a great opportunity to increase your income. Offer our services, use your skills to utilize and grow your network. 💰

How much can you earn?

That is totally up to you!

Your commission is based on the overall price of the services that are purchased through your affiliate link. You are always entitled to a commission for each service purchased. It is really up to you, as there is no limit to how much commission you can receive. The more people you share your referral link with, the more passive income you can earn.

Interested in joining our global service network?

Good news! We are looking for new partners and providers that can bring value to our clients. It means more opportunities for you!

Do you wish to see yourself in our partners network? Do not hold back, click here and tell us what services you provide.

Questions that our new partners frequently ask

  1. Is this another MLM bubble or Ponzi scheme?” ‘No it isn’t.’
    You don’t have to build a multi-level team to keep your commission levels. You don’t need to pay us anything to be able to join. Not only that, but you will always get the same percentages after all sales, regardless of how much you earned before. Furthermore, you will also actually help people by sharing our services and relieving some of the stress that comes with travelling or moving to another country.
  2. Do I need to pester everyone to join the program?” You don’t need to chase people to ‘sign up’. You don’t need to manipulate or brainwash people to believe that ‘our products are valuable’. You have the freedom to choose who you share our services with.
  3. Is there a minimum threshold of sales I need to surpass?”  There is no minimum you need to make to be able to work with us. The only thing that depends on the number of recommendations you make is your own income.
  4. Do I need to build a network?” No. You don’t need a network here. Only connect specialists with people who require their services.
  5. Is there a fee to join this program?” No. Joining our program is completely free.


  1. Continent Surfer is striving to expand the range and reach of these services. If you would like to join our partners with your own service, choose the “I want to become a service provider” option on the form. 
  2. If you are a service provider and an affiliate with us, we do not pay you a separate commission for the services you provide under your own affiliate code.
  3. If you have acquaintances whose service would be appropriate for our diverse partner network, select “I recommend a service provider” and send the contact information in a message where we can contact them. Include your affiliate program code (if you already have one) in the message.
  4. Joining the affiliate partner programme of is free.