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  • TRAVELLING with a child is one thing. But travelling alone, or as a single parent, or moving to another country? Take time to read this!

Travelling with a child – what if you are only travelling with one parent?

Going on holiday abroad with a child is one thing. Being a single parent or going on a trip alone with a little one, is another. And when it comes to moving to another country, it’s a complex process. We’ve put together a list of what to look out for and what to do when taking your child abroad.

written by: Reka Paulikovics

In today’s world, it is not at all uncommon for a minor to travel abroad with only one parent or even other relatives. However, it is worth being aware of what to do in such cases so that there are no misunderstandings either between each other or with the authorities, as this is in the interests of both parents and child.

When travelling with a child, it is essential that the adult travelling with the child carries the parents’ consent form. If one parent is travelling with the minor, the consent of the other parent is of course required, but if the child is travelling with another family member, the consent of both parents is needed. It is important to note that there is no standard form for this consent form (even within the EU).

Let’s see what the declaration should contain

  • the identity details (date and place of birth, address, identity document number – this could be an ID card, driving licence or passport) and contact details of the minor child, parents or accompanying adults. Be sure to include the number of the child’s travel document.
  • As a parent, you must clearly express your consent to the child travelling abroad and be sure to sign the consent form. So write “yes, I agree to ….”
  • If the child is travelling with a specific purpose (camp, course, class trip), it is good to include the destination and the institution, and even the contact details of the person to contact.
  • The consenting parent should indicate the purpose of the trip (e.g. holiday or family visit), the duration of the trip and the purpose of the trip.
  • It is essential that you have the consent form translated into the language(s) of the country(ies) you wish to visit, and that you have an English translation of it.
  • Authentication is not necessary, and it is good to know this, as it makes a difference financially!

What you need

If you are travelling alone with your child, they will definitely need a valid passport or ID card. This is something we tend to forget, even though you need to apply for an ID card for little ones, just like a passport.

Here’s how it works:

You can apply for a permanent identity card in person at any district office.

The applicant’s legal representative acts on behalf of the minor, but the minor must appear in person unless the child is unable to appear in person because of his or her state of health, as certified by the attending physician. In this case, a photo identification not older than 3 months is also required.

Documents required:

  • Valid passport (if you have one, you must present it)
  • If the passport is valid, it must be presented (valid ID card (must have valid passport).
  • If the passport is valid, the parent or guardian must be present at the time of the application.
  • If only one parent appears in person, a written consent in the form of a private document from the other parent is required.
  • In the case of divorced parents, the legal representative – the person with parental authority – must present the original final court judgement on the custody of the child,
  • If one of the parents is no longer living, the death certificate must be presented.
  • A valid identity document of the parent (legal guardian) (identity card, driving licence in card format or passport) and proof of address.
  • It’s also a good idea to take your child’s birth certificate with you, as, although it’s not compulsory, it will probably make the process smoother. Identity cards can only be applied for in person. The procedure is free of charge. There is a time limit for the document to be completed. No emergency procedure is possible.

If the child moves abroad

A child may move abroad for a long period, either alone or with one of his or her parents, for the purpose of studies, employment or similar purposes, only if both parents have agreed. A child’s departure abroad for the purpose of settling requires parental authorisation.

What else may be important

If you are just going on holiday, check what rules and discounts may apply to children in the accommodation.

Be prepared from your destination! Whether you’re on holiday or moving, check what options are available for your child, as their interests may not necessarily – or even preferably not – match yours. Talk to him about why you are going there and what the country has to offer. Show him the destination on a map, introduce him to the culture a little, even teach him basic vocabulary. Believe me, playfulness will put children at ease.

If necessary, arrange for any compulsory or recommended vaccinations and if you feel you need them, consult a paediatrician before travelling.

Once you’re there, make sure you put a small card with your name and contact details in the child’s bag, because although we’ll look after them, safety is paramount.

If you’re starting out with the whole family, or you’re already there and finding it difficult to get started, or you’re moving abroad, or the family is expanding? It is very important that the children settle in easily and that the parents recognize the situation. Starting a new life in a new country is not easy, it is also a mental challenge, but we can do our best to make the process and the transition as smooth as possible by being attentive and prepared!

Ildi helps preschool and school-age children and their parents with difficulties in different life situations, be it educational counselling, getting stuck or moving or changing countries. Even in the face of problems and difficulties, there is much more strength in families than we often think! Ildi helps with confidence, attention, and expertise to solve problems, whether for children or parents, when concerns or doubts arise.

To avoid lasting trauma, if you notice even the slightest sign that your child is worried, stressed, that something is not right, be sure to consult a professional!

In over 20 years of experience working abroad, she has worked in several schools in England, running her own nursery school. When moving abroad, it is good for parents to have a thorough understanding of the education system in a foreign country.

If you are stuck in the system in England, or even in financial support, or if you just feel your child needs special attention or professional help, or you are not sure which educational institution is right for them, please contact us.

Get in touch with Ildi! >>>

Did you know?

Did you know that as you take in the sights, smells, and sensations of a new destination, you’re doing more than making memories? Travel experiences actually prompt your brain to think differently and more creatively too! You’re also creating new neural pathways, which can help refine your problem-solving and reasoning skills.

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