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Countries That Give Citizenship by Marriage in the World (part II)

International travel has gained tremendous momentum over the years, a development not surprising given the prevalence of the global village phenomenon. Greater tolerance and acceptance of cultural differences, along with increased migration for economic and business reasons, have fostered more interactions.

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In the midst of such a scenario, mixed nationality marriages were bound to be an inevitable outcome. Consequently, countries offering citizenship through marriage were also a guaranteed consequence of these global trends.

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As mentioned in our previous article, this holds particularly true in the current emphasis on the family reunification concept. As a significant aspect of immigrant integration policy, the union between families has been greatly emphasized. Citizenship through marriage provides the right to live as equal citizens with one’s spouse, enabling them to establish a future together. Countries are continually evaluated based on their policies aimed at facilitating easy migration and the integration of family members.


Time Required: Minimum 2 Years

To promote family reunification, the country has acknowledged the significance of granting citizenship to foreign spouses of its citizens. Eligibility for citizenship is attained after two years of marriage and cohabitation with the spouse in the same household in Chile. The perks of this citizenship are numerous, including a high quality of life marked by excellent healthcare, a robust economy, employment opportunities, and an overall affordable lifestyle.


Time Required: Minimum 2 Years

As one of the Caribbean Islands offering citizenship through various means, gaining citizenship through marriage is also possible. Spouses of citizens of this country who got married on or after February 6, 1974, become eligible for Grenadian citizenship. However, they must spend two years with their spouse in the country to claim citizenship, irrespective of whether the spouse was born in Grenada or became a citizen through naturalization. Moving to Grenada presents great possibilities and benefits. The country is not only beautiful but also offers quality healthcare, the opportunity to explore several countries visa-free, high safety standards, great real estate investment options, and a low cost of living, where a mere $2,000 can comfortably sustain a couple (excluding rent).


Time Required: Minimum 2 Years

Bolivia is among the South American countries that do not offer many direct citizenship programs, although various residency programs are available. However, the marriage route has emerged as one of the best options due to its shortened time period for acquiring citizenship status. While the naturalization process typically requires a residency of three years, marriage to a Bolivian national reduces the time to just two uninterrupted years. Bolivia provides excellent education and healthcare facilities, greater visa-free global mobility, and a low cost of living (requiring about $950 monthly to sustain costs without rent for a couple). Those settling down with their spouse can experience a satisfying life.


Time Required: Minimum 2 Years

Peru is among the South American countries that not only offer citizenship by marriage but also streamline the process, making it fast and easy. By marrying a Peruvian citizen and residing in the country for two years, one can obtain citizenship. With the numerous advantages enjoyed by citizens of this country, such a marriage could potentially lead to much happiness. Who wouldn’t want a high quality of life with a low cost of living– approximately $1000 required for an individual’s monthly expenses, excluding rent.


Time Required: Minimum 2 Years

Offering greater work opportunities, excellent healthcare, a rich culture, friendly locals, a pleasant climate, and overall safety, this South American country provides numerous benefits. What adds to the allure is the affordability, with a couple’s monthly cost without rent amounting to just about $900. Beyond these attractions, the best part is the easy and fast acquisition of citizenship through marriage. Marrying an Argentinean national grants immediate residency, and the citizenship process, while still relatively quick, takes approximately 2 years.


Time Required: Minimum 1 Year

A treat for culture lovers, featuring stunning places, warmhearted people, incredible food, a high quality of life, warm weather, and last but not the least, a low living cost (estimated monthly costs for a couple without rent are around $1,400), make this country truly amazing. People can fall in love with not only the country itself but also its citizens. In the latter case, the good news is that citizenship in Spain, also known as the fast-track route, can be achieved quickly and easily. The normal citizenship process in the country typically takes about 10 years. However, if a person is legally married to a Spanish citizen and has lived together for one year, citizenship can be obtained after completing that period.


Time Required: Minimum 1 Year

Considered one of the most beautiful tropical islands with a high quality of life, a great climate, friendly locals, English widely spoken, a foreign investor-friendly policy, low taxes, and a low cost of living (estimated monthly costs for a couple without rent are around $1,400), Belize is evolving into a haven for expats. Adding to its appeal, the country offers various pathways to acquiring citizenship, including through marriage. Belize provides one of the most expedient and straightforward citizenship processes in this regard. As long as one is married to a Belizean national for a minimum of only 1 year– whether the spouse is a born Belizean or acquired citizenship before marriage– one can qualify for citizenship through marriage.


Time Required: 0-3 Years

Luxembourg stands out as one of the countries that offer citizenship through marriage uniquely. Marrying a Luxembourg national requires passing the Living Together in Luxembourg course or test, in addition to the Luxembourgish language test. If the marriage occurred when one was not a resident of the country, the waiting period for citizenship application is three years. However, if the Luxembourg national spouse is living abroad due to a job with a public authority or a Luxembourg international organization, the time period requirement is waived. Renowned among the top countries for providing a very high quality of life, acquiring Luxembourg citizenship is bound to bring numerous advantages.

In summary, within the tapestry of nations offering citizenship through marriage, there exists a romantic subplot, where love becomes the catalyst for a journey towards belonging. Behind the legal frameworks and administrative procedures lies a narrative of romance, where couples embark on a shared quest for a future intertwined with citizenship ties. Across borders and oceans, love stories unfold, weaving a narrative of commitment and devotion. As we reflect on the diverse approaches to citizenship acquisition, let us not forget the tender threads of romance that bind hearts across the globe, reminding us that amidst bureaucratic formalities, love remains the ultimate force of unity and belonging.

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