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The site celebrats its three-year anniversary in 2023. Within the Continent Surfer team, you’ll find fully qualified professionals, who provide outstanding services and are great experts of their field.

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It’s important to stress that Continent Surfer is NOT about encouraging people to leave their home country and go overseas. Our mission is to help those intended to travel, study or work abroad to be as well-prepared as possible! Get the best insight of a country before you take the first step in planning your move there! Our partners are here to help, and we strive to ensure that NO MISTAKES ARE MADE on your way!

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We are building global relationships, all around the world, – working together to help people from all over the world! Whatever their goal is, with us you will be well-prepared! Let us guide you, so when you arrive abroad, you won’t be starting off with ‘weights on your shoulders’ and will not find unpleasant surprises upon your arrival! Unity is strength, we are here for You!


Continent Surfer team has helped and guided thousands of people already to achieve their dreams. From the very beginning our main goal has been to be building trust, because we know that every person turns to someone, who they trust. That’s why we take care of our relationships and carefully select our partners, communicate constantly with our clients and have smooth administration processes. These are our top priorities!

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