Thinking of working abroad

or starting a business?

Need help finding a job?

Moving abroad is an exciting prospect, but the job market and career planning can be complex. Our partners are experts in job search and recruitment and experienced career counsellors. You can rely on them from the very first step: they will get to know your skills, experience and goals, and then develop a personalised plan for your career abroad.

How? From writing the right CV to finding jobs and preparing for interviews, they’ll be there for you!

Get to know them and let them guide you to your desired destination!

Our advisors are up to date with all the immigration procedures, legal and business regulations. Getting to know the foreign labour market and finding the right job is one of the most important aspects of moving abroad. Our experts can provide you with information about the labour market in your destination country, the job opportunities available, and the application and interview process. They can help you format and prepare your CV and cover letter to give you the best possible start to your new life.

Our career counsellors will help you set and achieve your career goals and will provide support and help you identify and match opportunities with your professional skills, experience and interests.