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Digital Nomad Expert | Overseas Business and Tax Advisor


Want to move to a country where you pay little or no tax on your income? Do you want to settle abroad and acquire citizenship?

Want to set up a company or open a bank account abroad? Are you interested in European countries or are you attracted to exotic destinations such as Paraguay, Panama, Botswana, Cape Verde or the Caribbean?

14 citizenship programmes and 87 resettlement programmes

Through his work he is a full-time researcher on these programmes! He is especially knowledgeable about the processes in the following countries: Portugal, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Malta, Cyprus, Montenegro, Hungary, Vanuatu, Grenada, Antigua and Bermuda, Commonwealth Dominica, St. Kitts and St. Lucia.


Obtaining a permanent residence permit costs only €3,350 and foreign income is not taxed. The tax-free status can be retained as a digital nomad. Must visit every three years, or apply for citizenship after three years of residency.


Foreign income is tax-free, permanent residence + acquisition of a company is € 3 500. It is enough to visit for a week a year, and citizenship can be applied for after five years.


The safest, cleanest and one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. An investment of US$ 100 000 is required to settle.

Bence the Specialist

He has been a full-time researcher on resettlement and citizenship programmes and various international tax issues since 2008. What you get from him: immigration advice, international taxation, company formation and bank account opening.

He has beenΒ working with the best local lawyers and accountants in countries like Paraguay, Panama, Botswana, and Cape Verde.

Languages spoken: English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Creole, Hungarian

References: more than 3,000 articles on these topics, he is a regular speaker at international business citizenship conferences.

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