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Taxation, Settlement and Citizenship Consultant


english, german, italian, portuguese, spanish, creole, hungarian

Bence has been a full-time researcher of settlement and citizenship programs and different international taxation issues since 2008. What you can get from him: advice on migration, international tax-paying, company establishment and bank account opening. He has been working with the best local lawyers and accountants in all of these 3 countries: Paraguay, Panama and Botswana for many years now.

Taxation: digital nomad, England, Canada, Botswana, Ireland, Panama, Portugal, Paraguay, USA and other countries.

Paraguay: Getting a permanent residency permit only costs 3350 Euros and there is no tax after foreign income. Taxable entity, even as a digital nomad. In order to apply for citizenship, you have to visit every 3 years or have to be a resident for 3 years.

Panama: No tax after foreign income, and permanent residence permit + establishing a company only costs 3500 Euros. A one-week-long visit every year for 5 years is enough to apply for a citizenship.

Botswana: The safest, cleanest and one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. A 100 000 USD investment is needed for the settlement permit.

Languages: English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Creole, Hungarian

References: He has published more than 3000 articles in the topic, and continuously been giving presentations in international business and citizenship conferences.

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