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  • DO YOU KNOW where you will be moving next? How to choose a more liveable, lovable and exciting place to live? LET'S SEE

How to choose the right destination

You have probably thought about leaving your hometown or country. How would you be choosing a new home, a more livable, lovable and exciting place to live? You might put your fingers on the map with your eyes covere, but I suggest you take many things into account before making your final decision.

written by: Niki – CONTINENT SURFER

It is for the best if the country you are moving to, feels close to you and attracts you in many ways. It obviously makes a huge difference whether you will feel comfortable there or not. There are many things to consider, do not just point to a spot on the map. Plan and prepare before start packing!

Where to live next

Let’s see what most of us look at while choosing a place to live:

Do you know where you will be moving next? How to choose a more livable, lovable and exciting place to live? LET'S SEE >>>


The first and maybe the most important thing is mentality and habits of the people, who you will surround yourself with. Even within a country there can be massive differences between even between states within a country. While people in a certain area may be more open, almost permissive, another part of the country may be the opposite, where ancient traditions are paramount. If you would like more freedom and not willing to conform to others or abide by their rules, then you should definately go for a country that is less constrained, with an international population with many open-minded people. No matter which country or area you move to, it should mainly reflect your mentality so you can settle and fit in easily.

Population density and development

The next aspect to consider is population density and developments. If you like modernity, constant growth and progress, civilisation, big crowds, then don’t move to a jungle, – it’s pretty obvious you would never, right?!

Do you want slow-down? A quiet, less hectic life? Then you would probably never go for a huge, bustling country with big cities and high population density. If you want to work with people or keep your privacy, density will be the most important to you.

Public safety

Public safety is also key, especially if you are travelling and / or moving alone. For women, considering safety is top priority. There are countless of places all around the globe where they should not live or even walk alone the streets unaccompanied.

Living standard and quality of life

General income, cost of living and the standard of living in the desired destination country are also one of the most important factors. For this, you need to consider what kind of income you will likely earn and how you will be able to manage with that salary on a monthly basis. What kind of work you will be able to do there? If you have a family, what kind of job your spouse will be able to find at all? Will your qualification(s) be recognized? Will your income be enough to maintain your current standards? Or will you achieve a much better standard of living? If you are a family with children, you will also look at schools and the education system itself. Answer the above questions to yourself and make a pros and cons list!

Weather, climate

It might also be a wise thing to consider and definately worth choosing a destination where you will most likely be enjoying the weather and having a good time. Needless to say, if you cannot bear the cold, don’t go to Iceland and if you cannot stand the heat, stay away from Dubai. Hating the local weather will make your everyday life miserable there!

Oh wait, there is more!

If you can, go and visit the place a few time. Ask local people for help and advise, who can point out many little things that might not even cross your mind. Otherwise our team also have experts who might be living in your desired country and can help, giving you a clear picture about the everyday life over there!

Nevertheless, it is essential to know the native language people and or the language which is widely understood in the country you are planning to move. Either way, always be prepared to learn the official language of that country! Any additional language could be useful, even though English is a common, international language.

You can get by with English for a while pretty much anywhere around the globe, however if it is not a native English speaking country, I definately advise you learn the official language at some point. It is for your own benefit. Find a language teacher >>> HERE <<< if your need one and start learning now.

One more tip….once you arrive at your destination, try to hang out with the locals. It will help your pick up the local language much quicker!

Prepare yourself beforehand

For final thoughts I must say that moving to a new country can be stressful but THAT IS WHY WE ARE HERE! Our Continent Surfer team is full of professionals and experts you can rely on. We can ease the frustration by putting you to the right direction, prepare you carefully and guide you through the process!

Do you know where you will be moving next?

Don’t face the challanges on your own!

Moving abroad has its unique set of challenges and can give you frustrations. Avoid that by being well-prepared! Collect information from the right sources, so you will be completely clear on your rights and possibilities.

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