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Strength lies in community

We love this group. Many many nice, helpful people with lots of diverse experiences. One thing you can be sure of: if you ask a question, at least three people will come to you with the right answers in the first hour!

Written by: Bogi- CONTINENT SURFER

Australia and New Zealand Q&A is a group of people with more than similar interests. A real community! It really is. As well as giving you all the information you need about visas and employment, many members are already living in Australia and New Zealand, sharing their experiences about health- and education systems, costs, or where to travel to, which market to shop at if you’re on a special diet or want organic produce. And many more!

This group is a real community 💙

Would you like to become a member? Find inspiration and help here >>> Australia and New Zealand Q&A

In the meantime, see what some of our current members say!

Who are they?

Christina has spent most of her life in sports and banking, she is a senior basketball player (they won the European Championship in Malaga last year) and a passionate traveler with her husband, having visited 48 countries so far. Apart from sport, fashion is also a big part of her life, and she is also responsible for the Lachristine brand.

P. is an active member of our group.

Marci – our youngest interviewee 🙂 graduated this year from Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Commerce and Marketing. During his university years, he has been actively working at Bayern. After graduation, he felt it was important to try himself in the big world, which is why he chose Australia. He has only been on the continent for a short time, but he has already experienced a lot. His goal is to spend 2 full years out there, which he is looking forward to.

Laci, currently living in Hungary, but he is on a longer tour of New Zealand, which he has been longing to do for years. He is keeping a daily diary of the trip, taking many photos and sharing them with the group. He also had the pleasure of visiting Australia a few years ago.  “Where I will put this experience in the future in relation to myself, I don’t know yet, but you will hear from me, I promise. “ — she says 🙂 🙂

How did you find us?

P. do you remember how you found the group? I wish I did – she smiles, I think it was a coincidence. Maybe I was scrolling on Facebook, looking for Hungarian products on Marketplace and in the meantime, FB recommended me the group. But, now that I’m trying to remember, it could also be that it came across a video from Continent Surfer – while I was scrolling from video to video on YouTube – and then I looked you up on Facebook.

We were already seriously planning to emigrate and settle in Australia, so we found an agency, says Krisztina. They told us we had no chance, maybe if we started a business, but that cost a lot of money even then. In my desperation, when my anger had gone, I looked for a “medium” where Australia was the topic, so that I could at least be inspired. That’s when I found the group and committed fully.

I admit I was just looking; I was interested in everything to do with Australia and New Zealand, that’s how I found the group, says László. Perhaps more simply, says Marci, I was introduced to it by a friend who is also planning to come to Australia on a Work and Holiday visa in the future.

How do you like the group, what do you think about the topics?

For me it’s an incredibly positive group, I love being part of it, I love the way it involves Hungarians living here,” says P. “There’s a professional line where you deal with visa administration and then there’s the ‘what life is like in Australia’ line, which I love, and the two are super complementary. Our own and our common goal is to help our fellow countrymen who want to come to Australia for a shorter or longer stay. What I like the most is when Hungarians back home ask me questions, I can’t help with the official administration, but I’m happy to show them what life is like here 🙂 I also really like the videos that showcase other Hungarians’ success stories. I’m glad that you are so active – the advisors answer questions from Hungarians in Hungary the same day or within a couple of days at the latest, and those living here with an 8–10-hour delay, as we live on the other side of the globe.

It’s inspiring to meet a very good and varied range of topics – says Laci, we’ve had questions on almost everything, and there’s a lot of information to be found both up-to-date and backdated. It’s great to see how active the group has become recently, since I’ve been following it a bit more closely, with members who are very diligent and skillful in writing and sharing useful information on a variety of topics. My favorites are the posts that relate to flora and fauna.

I think this group will be a great help for people who don’t know what to plan their move to Australia and want to gather information,” says Marci. It’s also a great help for people who don’t have a high level of English and can get information in Hungarian here. When someone asks a question, there are usually several people trying to help and answer. I have to admit that I prefer the posts that deal with the material side of life out there.

They are very, very useful, informative and motivating,” says Krisztina. Not only for those who have already made their decision, but also for those who are still planning, thinking and dreaming. It is also true – and true for other groups – that she is mostly active on the issues that concern her. Many people may not share content or opinions because they wish to remain anonymous and avoid unpleasant situations. I love interviews with people who live outside, because they often touch on topics that we have no information about.

Has the group helped you understand this special world?

I don’t understand it 100%, but I don’t have to, I’m not a professional, says P. “I don’t like paperwork, because it’s incredible how much you have to take care of and one little mistake can screw it up. That’s where Continent Surfer helps. What I’ve “discovered” recently is that families are also showing interest, alongside young people. This is partly positive, but also very sad… many people are desperate to start a new life here. To this, I wish a big hat off to all who read the lines and know you.

Every single sentence and post bring me closer to my dream, even the negative news, says Krisztina, it’s very inspiring.

I found help – says László. During my trip to New Zealand, I met several people here who are still helping me on my journey. It helped me a lot too – Marci joins in. I got a huge help from one of the group members I met through the group. Because of this, I felt more confident about my journey and managed to get everything sorted out at the beginning of my integration.

💙 This group is a real community 💙

Would you like to become a member? Find inspiration and help here >>> Australia and New Zealand Q&A

Negative experiences?

There can be misunderstandings online, says P. I’ve probably been misunderstood a few times. They thought I was showing anything from Australia because I thought Hungary was behind or I wanted to show off… that was never my intention, I think both countries are nice and good places, I’m not competing. Rather I say, adventure on, come on!

We don’t have any – the others smile, but I would love to get some everyday videos from people who live out there, especially those who got out through the group – says Krisztina. How about sharing it? (ed.)

…and the benefits?

Learning, smiles P. From other people’s questions and answers. AND a ‘feel good’ feeling and ‘pay it forward’, which for me means that as a resident here I am happy to help with 1–1 comments, as I was helped back in the day. I’ve also made new friends, which I admit I didn’t expect.

I’m on a bigger journey now, as I’m travelling the North and South Islands of New Zealand independently in about 2 months, and I’m in the final stages now, says Laci.  I want to get to know everything I can go to and everything I can get to, and I’m gathering information from different places, for example from the group 🙂

I got to know Beáta Jankó – says Marci enthusiastically 🙂 and of course I get a lot of useful information and I can get to know the life and everyday life of the Hungarians living here.

I get up-to-date information from Szilvi, who is the most professional advisor I have met so far – Krisztina says with a smile.

💙 This group is a real community 💙

Would you like to become a member? Find inspiration and help here >>> Australia and New Zealand Q&A

What does the future hold?

I see the group is growing steadily, although I only found it last year, says P. DE, the number of members has grown by thousands since then. In that time, we’ve seen some interesting changes to visa requirements, such as for foreign police officers, which we never would have thought of. My suggestion to readers is just to come along, join in, ask questions – we’ll be happy to answer!

Keep it up, I think – laughs Marci and Laci. A group like this is very motivating. If someone is hesitating whether to go or stay – whether they’re about to go on a big trip or make a big decision – they can find extra motivation! I will do what I can to help the group continue to be useful in the future! — says Laci.

I see an absolute necessity for its existence, says Krisztina.  For many people it is a psychological support, a safe point. Asking the group members what kind of content they would like to see is always effective. As I mentioned before, I would love to see content, reports from people living out there, for me everything is very informative, inspiring and motivating. I’m also happy to share photos and videos taken while we were out there – if you like 🙂

Did you know?

Australia is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. The country boasts more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other destination. Three cultural, twelve natural and four heritage sites are a mixture of the two, making nineteen in total.

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