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Translator, Interpreter, Reviewer | Spanish, Italian


Translater, Interpreter, Reviewer!

He made the decision to become an interpreter and translater at the age of twenty. Growing up with two mother tongues and dual citizenship also played an important role in this decision. He has always loved studying languages and travelling, so he wondered why this couldn’t be his profession.Β There isn’t anything more rewarding than having a job that you love. That’s why he decided to follow the university course for translators and interpreters and then try to start his own business as a freelancer. Fortunately, the dreams came true, and now he can enjoy the challenges of this beautiful profession every single day.

Location: Hungary
Services: Translation, Interpretation, Copy review
Languages: Italian, Hungarian, English, Spanish
Credentials: Pannon University, VeszprΓ©m
Experience: Freelance interpreter and translator from 2013

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