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Language Coach | Translator


Nora the language teacher

Nora has been teaching English and translating business and general texts in Hungarian-English since she was in high school. In addition to her degree in economics, she holds a TEFL language teaching certificate. She supports her students’ online development in English communication, business English and even helps them prepare for language exams. She welcomes learners from intermediate to advanced level.

Language learning

To be truly successful in today’s world, it is essential to speak foreign languages. English is a universal language, since international law and economics all communicate in English. It doesn’t matter which teacher you choose! If you’re not patient and prepared enough, it can put you off learning English altogether. That’s why it’s important to pick the right teacher!

English language exam

For many visas, you will need to prove that you have a good command of English, and to do this you will need to take a recent language test. The IELTS is the only international language test that is accepted by different countries for immigration purposes!

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