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Free boat trip?

Yes! It is possible!

Join our travel community and enjoy all the benefits!

What if you could explore some of the world’s most lavish places for a fraction of the public price?
Imagine saving up to 60% on your hotel and apartment bookings worldwide!!!

DreamTrips International also rewards loyal club members with a free cruise voucher after six months! (The voucher is for 2 people, worth approximately 1000 USD and does not include port taxes and mandatory gratuities. On some cruise lines, two children under the age of 12 are also included in this free cruise voucher.) Plus, you’ll earn $3 worth of loyalty points for every $1 you spend on your membership. You’ll also earn travel rewards and 25% of your hotel bookings will be refunded in loyalty points! And you can book even more hotels with us!

We’ve had over 1million travelers on over 30,000 DreamTrips in over 70 countries. That’s how many people know what I’m talking about.
In our current special promotion, instead of a one-time joining fee ($200/$400/$600 depending on membership level), you can now activate your membership for just $1 and get $500 worth of loyalty points as a welcome gift!

Contact Us and join today!

Information and consultation is FREE! Nothing to lose, nothing but your dreams come true!



Besides the super booking system, the main product of the club is DreamTrip. These organized, experience-filled dream trip packages are growing all the time, with more and more fantastic programs being added every week. The company also motivates us to participate in as many of these discounted DreamTrips available to our members as possible, so it says that if we go on 5 DreamTrips, it will give us a voucher for a cruise for two worth around 1000 USD (not including extra port taxes and obligatory gratuities), then after our 10th DreamTrip we will receive 1000 USD worth of loyalty points, which we can use 100% when booking our next DreamTrip, and after our 15th DreamTrip we will receive 1000 USD worth of loyalty points, which we can use 100% when booking our next DreamTrip. After the 15th DreamTrip, you will be rewarded with 2500 USD (17 m Ft) worth of loyalty points to book further DreamTrips, and after the 20th DreamTrip, you will be rewarded with a personalized trip worth 5000 USD (approx. 1,7 m Ft). But the best of all, after the 100th DreamTrip, you will be rewarded with 50.000 USD (17 m Ft) worth of loyalty points, which you can use in one or many DreamTrips. Our club mate Attila Bognรกr has been on 130 DreamTrips in 10 years before COVID-19, so it’s not an impossible mission.



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