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Mauritius Specialists

Judith and Adam

A paradise for digital nomads!

Mauritius is one of the safest countries in Africa, a truly beautiful place located on the Indian Ocean. A small, but magical island that is a paradise for digital nomads!


Who wouldn’t love a year-long holiday where you can spend most of your free time on beautiful beaches? Imagine spending your days on stunning beaches, swimming with dolphins, surfing, and diving. But, if hiking is your thing, no worries! Mauritius has as much to explore on land as near the water. Plus, you definitely won’t have to worry about heating bills, as summer is an all-year-around season here! The locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and working from here is a breeze. You’ll enjoy very favorable tax conditions, some of which can be as low as 0%.

Judith and Adam, your advisors in Mauritius

We moved to Mauritius with small children and our pets, so we have first-hand experience and know all about the difficulties of moving and settling down. The challenges of relocating pets, finding a property, schools, etc. We will help you through every single obstacle and make sure your relocation process to Mauritius is as smooth as possible.

Join us and let’s meet after a long day of work by the ocean! Make your life an everyday holiday!

Please note that you will need a monthly income of at least 1500 USD if you are planning on staying here – whether for long or short-term stays.

Let’s discuss your options!

  • During a consultation, we will talk through all your options and see what you will need step-by-step.
  • One-to-one consultation: 60 USD/person/hour
  • Group consultation for a minimum of 2 people: 30 USD/person/hour

Premium Visa Package

  • The premium visa allows you a 1-year stay in Mauritius and is renewable for another year. The Premium Visa Package starts with a consultation. We will keep in touch and fully assist you all along!
  • Premium visa application: 250 USD/person, (50 USD/each additional family member)

Long-term car rental

  • A car might be essential during your stay in Mauritius, depending on the area you wish to move to. By the time you arrive, we could arrange a long-term rental on the best prices possible our trusted partners.
  • Car rental assistance: 100 USD (success fee)

Property search

We can help you with property searches and viewings based on your preferences. We’ll make sure that you will find your dream home, on this dream island. Our package includes a one-hour consultation, after which we will contact the agent to arrange viewings for three properties in the Northern Region that match your selection.

  • Search and view package: 200 USD
  • If you would like us to view more than 3 properties for you, or you are looking in another region, please contact us.
  • For a larger package, we will more actively participate in the property search using our local contacts and agents and constantly keep in touch with you.
  • Large search and view package: 500 USD
  • Each additional viewing package comes with a 50% discount.

Would you like to bring your beloved pet along?

This is a difficult situation, as you can’t have your pets on the same flight as you. We understand your concerns, we’ve been there! During our initial consultation, we’ll guide you through the process, explain the necessary tests and timelines, and provide support every step of the way. Our service also includes welcoming your pet at the airport in Mauritius, ensuring they are placed in the necessary quarantine, and taking care of them until you are reunited. All of this is included in our package.

Pet relocation package: 1100 USD

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