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Do you have difficulty understanding legal texts, the language of official letters?

You definitely need a good lawyer to help you navigate the sea of paragraphs if you are scratching your head when reading official letters and quoting paragraphs. But even if you have no idea how to draw up a contract, how best to represent yourself in legal matters.


Our law firm strives to provide the most complex and highest level of service to our clients’ complete range of needs. We combine the classic practice of law with legal advice that meets the challenges of the modern age. It is important for us to develop a long-term relationship with our clients based on mutual trust, in addition to providing quality and affordable services. We can help them in a wide range of areas, such as real estate law, immigration law, family law, matrimonial law, inheritance law, etc. But also in the formation of companies, sale of shares, transformation of companies, legal assistance in liquidation and insolvency proceedings, representation in company proceedings, civil litigation and misdemeanor law!

For the more significant legal matters in your life, you should always hire a lawyer to protect your interests and help you navigate through the more difficult legal texts and paragraphs. In fact, whatever the legal issue, it is worth asking a lawyer for advice, such as when renting, buying, selling or letting a home, for more important and complex contracts, for probate matters, but also for any litigation or criminal proceedings. So, asserting a right or being sued for such a right is also a classic lawyer’s job. Just as, certain settlements and contracts often require the help of a lawyer.

Long-term cooperation between the two parties based on mutual trust is very important!

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Main areas of expertise we can help you with

Immigration law

We have extensive experience in immigration and nationality law, but we also provide legal representation in immigration proceedings. We can assist you in obtaining residence permits, residence permits for work purposes, residence permits for income generation, residence permits for family reunification. We can provide you with the necessary information and a full range of legal services.

We can also help you with visa applications, residence, and permanent residence permits. Within the Aliens Department, we also deal with the entry, temporary stay and resettlement of foreign nationals in a given country.

For this reason, it is advisable to contact a specialist in the field of aliens law for precise information and assistance.

If you are a third-country national and intend to stay in Hungary for a longer period in the near future or wish to settle here, special rules apply to your stay. Our law firm is at your disposal.

Real estate law

We provide full legal advice on the purchase of real estate, drafting and countersigning sales contracts. We also draft and countersign contracts for the sale of real estate, the formation of condominiums, the legal settlement of undivided common property, the drafting and countersigning of real estate lease contracts, the creation and cancellation of usufructuary rights, the drafting and countersigning of security agreements, the drafting and countersigning of contracts for the sale of agricultural land, and the legal representation of clients in the settlement of land disputes and property disputes.

Family law, Inheritance law

We are also available to assist our clients in drafting marital property contracts, maintenance and annuity contracts, legal advice, parental custody settlements, legal representation in divorce and dissolution of marriage.

Also, legal advice and representation of heirs and beneficiaries of an intestate succession, probate proceedings, succession lawsuits, drafting of inheritance contracts and written private wills.

Divorce is always an extremely overwhelming and stressful process for all parties involved. Accurate and professional legal advice can significantly shorten the process.

Inheritance law

In the event of death, the testator’s estate, whether property or debts, passes to his heirs. The heirs must not be placed in a less favorable position than they were in before the succession took place.

There are also very strict rules on the testamentary disposition, which, if not respected or interpreted correctly, can frustrate the testator’s free will. It is also advisable to consult a lawyer to avoid legal disputes later on. In probate proceedings, it is also advisable to involve a lawyer to avoid succession disputes and the inconvenience they can cause.

Matrimonial property law

When a marriage is legally contracted, a community of property is created between the parties for the duration of the marriage. This means that all property acquired during the marriage, whether jointly or separately, is community property, except for that which belongs to the separate property of one of the spouses.

Company law

We provide full assistance in the formation of companies, sale of shares, transformation of companies, legal assistance in winding-up and insolvency proceedings, representation in company proceedings. But we also assist with internal operations within a legal framework. We attend general meetings, general meetings of members, supervisory board meetings, assist in drafting company documents, obtaining company extracts. We assist in the legal management of capital increases, capital transfers, transfers of shareholdings, administration of company transactions and court proceedings.

Civil litigation and non-contentious proceedings

From consultation up to the conduct of review proceedings, we undertake representation with many years of experience behind us.

We are also experienced in Commercial Law and Law of Obligations and Damages, Criminal Law and Administrative Law, Public Utilities, Matrimonial dissolution, Property and Child Custody, Property Litigation, Contract Disputes, Contract, Performance, Property Litigation, Land Disputes.

Claims Management

We undertake the enforcement of claims against natural and legal persons in litigation, liquidation, and enforcement proceedings. We can also assist in filing a claim in the event of breach of contract, drafting a lawyer’s demand for payment letter, initiating payment order proceedings, providing legal representation in the proceedings and drafting and filing a statement of opposition to the payment order, initiating liquidation proceedings and providing legal representation, requesting payment in installments, making out-of-court settlements, initiating enforcement proceedings.

Infringement law

In the case of infringement proceedings, we can also handle pleadings and drafting of documents, traffic offenses, representation before the authorities, lodging objections.

Administration in Russian!

Administration is now available in Russian. With our professional experience in Hungary, we are at the disposal of our Russian clients to ensure that all your legal transactions related to Hungary go smoothly.

Lawyer’s duties:

Promotes the enforcement of the rights and obligations of the client by legal means. A good lawyer helps to ensure that disputes between two parties are settled in a legally correct manner and seeks to reach an agreement.

What does a lawyer do for his client?

  • gives legal advice
  • draft contracts and pleadings
  • represents his client in civil or criminal cases
  • handles the deposit of valuables or money
  • represents the client
  • relieves the client of the burden of litigation

What other tasks can a lawyer perform?

  • tax advice
  • social security advice
  • employment advice
  • patent matters
  • asset management
  • estate agency services
  • extrajudicial and judicial representation
  • mediation in mediation proceedings and in criminal matters

Protection of personal data, legal professional privilege

One of the most important parts of the legal profession is building and maintaining trust. Without it, neither the lawyer nor the client can make proper progress in resolving the matter in question. On the lawyer’s side, the lawyer is responsible for protecting the personal data of his client and must treat all information that comes to his knowledge as a legal secret.