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  • Work online or anywhere in the world, we might be looking for you! Our team is constantly growing, JOIN US NOW!

Do you own a business? Do not miss out on this one!

It’s been three years since this this Continent Surfer ‘love project’ was created. We have been growing ever since and constantly expanding our team, tailoring the services available to the actual needs of our clients. If you are a service provider online or operating anywhere in the world, we might be looking for You!

written by: Niki – CONTINENT SURFER

Becoming a Continent Surfer

The story goes all the way back to when the founder of Continent Surfer, Silvia moved abroad with her husband and their three wonderful children. After facing all the difficulties and obstacles a relocation could bring, Silvia and her husband got over them but felt that it was time to put their idea into practice! Together they have started working on their project straight away. Determined to help others, they were hoping that Continent Surfer can prepare people better before their big journey. That time, even the pandemic could not stop them and the number of their followers kept growing.

The primary goal has always been and always will be to give you confidence and make people aware of their options and possibilities as much as we can. With providing up-to-date information on your desired country and by building trust, people know they can always count on our team, from planning their move abroad up until their immigration process and even beyond that, in all circumstances. Whether they already live abroad or those, who are about to make a life-changing decision, travelling, studying abroad or working and settling permanently, whatever their situation should be, we are here to help!

Our team has already helped thousands of people to achieve their dream. And for the rest, we intend to provide plenty of content so that they can get as much information as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises once they arrive in another country.

Work online or anywhere in the world, we might be looking for you! Our team is constantly growing, JOIN US NOW!

Let’s help together

Browse on our SERVICES page by country or service type, where people can get in touch with our partners immediately. We take customer feedback very serious, as many people like to give a shout loud and clear, some share their own stories and discuss what services they could be or should have been using. So therefore our partners are carefully selected based on these feedback, so we know that their services are in high demand.

Our network is constantly growing to ensure that we can offer complete assistance throughout their journey!

Join our team, you have nothing to loose! It will be a win-win partnership and you will definately reach a bigger audience and get more clients.

Joining our team is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!

We continuously recommend our partners direclty to our clients as well as in our blog, on social media platforms with over 50,000 followers and in our active, dedicated and supportive community groups. Our partners can take part of our affiliate program and also refer each other to their clients, which can earn them extra money. Our affiliate program gives you commission for every referrals converted!

Join us now and we will contact you soon. Do not forget, that joining our team is FREE! No small print….it is free to join, you do not have to pay any joining fee or monthly fee! We only receive commission from you after a transaction is completed with a client.

Continent Surfer service providers

Take a look around at our currently available service areas, but do not worry if your cannot see yours on the list! Contact us and let’s see how you fit in. Your business can be online or in any country around the globe, providing services in English only or other languages, we welcome your application!

We are looking forward to hearing from (but not limited to) the following service areas:

  • travel and tourism
  • short-term accommodation, property and real estate
  • career advisors, recruitment
  • visa advisors and immigration lawyers
  • accounting, business advisors, company set-up, tax consultancy
  • language teacher, translator, interpreters
  • healthcare providers
  • etc.

We hope to welcome you soon as one of our partners! 💕

Want to go abroad? Interested in useful advice, personal experiences? Contact our professional advisors and language teachers if you don’t want to be surprised! Surf the Continent Surfer page!

Get help from our professional consultants and language teachers, partners, so you can be as prepared as possible for your trip when the time comes and avoid any surprises!

England, Australia, New Zealand, America or Canada, or would you rather stay in Europe?

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