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  • Travelling with children is a special situation. Make it easy with our TIPS and TRICKS on how to book Airbnb accommodation for your family!

Airbnb with kids? We help you what to look for!

Traveling with kids is a special situation. To make sure everything goes smoothly, here are TIPS and TRIPS for booking Airbnb accommodations with a family!

written by: Mea Barath

“Holidays with kids are a real torture!”

“Traveling with family is a nightmare!”

“Should we go on a long trip with kids? Or we might just stay in the garden with the inflatable pool…”

You may have heard similar reactions from parents. Maybe you think that traveling with children is particularly tiring and stressful…

Meeting your kids’ needs, keeping them constantly occupied, and entertaining them and finding activities can be challenging. But with careful preparation, you can make your holiday so much easier and turn it into a wonderful experience after all!

Let us help you travel with ease!

Once you’ve decided where you will be heading, the first thing to consider is finding the right accommodation.

How to choose the right place to stay?

A very wide range of Airbnb apartments and houses are available to choose from as well as simple or more luxurious properties to match your expectations. Make sure to filter the search options by date, destination, accommodation type, family friendliness and whatever you might need!

Would you stay in canopies, campgrounds, mini houses, yurt tents or luxury hotels? You can choose to stay by a lake, on an island, or in a property with private pool. The possibilities are endless!

Caving, skiing or golfing? Find a neighborhood that offers these activities! Looking for a well-equipped kitchen? Want a grand piano in your home? No problem! On Airbnb, hosts also cater to special needs!

List the things that are important for you and your family then get started with the hunt for accomodation!

Traveling with a child should not worry you, check this out!

We’ll help you think about what to consider when traveling with younger children.

Firstly, always look carefully at the photos on the website. If something is not clear, ask the host before finalising your booking.

An important aspect is the term and conditions, and the cancellation policy. With a young child, anything unexpected can happen all of a sudden, so it’s worth finding out what happens if you might not be able to get there at all.

When choosing accommodation with children, you should consider the following:


What kind of doors and windows does the accommodation have?

👍 Lockable doors and windows. Especially the door to the terrace and the windows on the upper floor will hopefully have a security lock. Make sure that the child cannot lock himself inside the room.

👍 Sliding doors. Why is it good? You can’t be fooled! No noise and no risk of breakage.

👎 Sofa under the window. That can be dangerous, especially if the window is easy to open.


How child-friendly is the furniture in your home?

👍 Easy to clean sofas and chairs. e.g. stains from spilled food or drink should be easy to remove!

👍 A sturdy, solid bed – safe for all the jumping around.

👍 Crib. If it is not possible for the smaller child to sleep in a safe crib, it is worth pushing the bed up against the wall then to prevent them from falling of.

👎 Raised bar stools. They are difficult to climb on and a small child can easily tip over.

👎 Sharp table or furniture corners at the child’s height.

👎 Fragile glass table. Any other furniture that can easily tip-over in an instant.


What is the flooring like?

👍 Easy to mop, but not slippery is perfect.

👍 Floor heating. Very comfortable for people walking on all fours or barefoot!

👎 Flat carpets are unfortunately difficult to clean. And with children, accidents can happen that require cleaning immediately.

👎 Large, decorative vases, plants on the floor. There is a risk of small children tasting the potting soil.


Hazards… how child-friendly is the kitchen?

👍 If the oven or stove is high up. Fire hazard eliminated.

👍 Drawers containing cutlery, knives, sharp kitchen utensils are high and/or can be locked.

👍 Glass jars are out of reach of children.

👍 There is high chair, children’s cutlery provided.

👎 Gas stove with no safety lock. If the child reaches it, it can easily be turned on.

Consumer Electronics

Let’s take a look at what kind of entertainment electronics there might be.

👍 If the TV is raised and mounted on the wall, then there is no risk of breakage.

👎 When the TV is not wall-mounted, it can easily tip-over.

👎TV in the bedroom where the child sleeps could be a disadvantage.

Extra tip: Keep the remote control out of the reach at all times!

Accessories, Home Decor

To what extent do decorative items help or hinder the everyday life situations with children?

👍 Decorative items placed out of children’s reach enhance the atmosphere and beauty of the home.

👎 Fragile decorations, glass or porcelain objects, high-value design elements has no use when children are around.


Does the accommodation have a garden?

👍 If there is a garden, it’s great! Space to move around, breathe and release energy. A playground around the building is a huge plus, because it means you know you’re dealing with an extremely child-friendly accommodation.

👍 A fully fenced yard is safe, where small child cannot get out without the help of an adult.

It is worth asking about the neighborhood in terms of pets: e.g. is there a barking dog in the neighborhood or is the fence secure?

You can also ask, if there is a pool, hot tub or pond? If there is a hot tub, make sure the top of the tub is lockable! Is the pond accessible to small children? In general, do not leave your child unattended near the water in any circumstances! Swimming should always be a family activity anyway.


Pay special attention to the balcony!

👍 Lockable balcony door. It can be dangerous for your child to be on the balcony without adult supervision.

👎 Apartment’s terrace with low, climbable railings are very dangerous.

👎 Terrace or balcony pavement could be very slippery.


What is the neighborhood like?

👍 Family neighborhood, children’s community are a good sign!

👍 A house with garden, distant neighborhood is safe.

👎 Apartment in a block, surrounded by neighbors, thin walls would never be a good choice.

If you find an apartment, you should have more questions, e.g. take a look at the driveway. Is there a photo of the hallway? How are the stairs leading to the apartment? How easy is it is to access the apartment for a small child or with a stroller?

Always think carefully and eliminate potential hazards. Trust me, you’ll have a lot less stress! Traveling with a family and staying in a new place with a child requires careful planning.

Moving abroad for a longer period of time can be even more challenging, but we can only encourage everyone to have the experience and live to the fullest!

Travelling with children is a special situation. Make it easy with our TIPS and TRICKS on how to book Airbnb accommodation for your family!

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