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  • Chips covered in ketchup or racing in bathtubs? Canadians don’t shy away from the unconventional. Fancy to VISIT CANADA?

5 weird things that can only happen in Canada

From chips covered in ketchup to maple syrup treats dipped in the snow, Canadians do not shy away from the unconventional. It is a pretty big country– the world’s second-largest, in fact– so they have some pretty diverse traditions, food and events. Let’s dig into some of the weirdest ones, shall we?

written by: Bogi – CONTINENT SURFER

Here are 5 of the most unique Canadianisms that look weird to everyone outside the Great White North!

Milk in plastic

It’s milk in a plastic bag, yes. This trend has started with a Canadian company called DuPont, which unveiled thin plastic bags that could be used to store and sell milk in 1967. They considered that plastic bags were cost-efficient and practical, the dairy industry began ditching glass bottles.

Their extraordinary love for mac ‘n’ cheese

When it comes to chowing down on Kraft Dinner, Canadians eat a shocking 55% more of mac ‘n’ cheese every single a year than Americans do! Ouf the 7 million boxes of it sold weekly around the world; and shockingly, out of this amount, Canadians purchase 1.7 million of them.

Santa’s legitimate address is there

Forget what you’ve heard… Santa certainly exists, and he definitely lives in Canada! Whether you send Santa a letter from Tanzania or Turkey, it will surely end up in Canada. Saint Nick’s official address at the North Pole (postal code is HOH OHO, obviously) is owned by Canada Post.

The ice hotel

There truly is no cooler place to stay in Canada than the incredible Hôtel de Glace in Quebec. You will find ice slide, outdoor spa and sauna amongst over 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice, making up the whole building itself. It’s as impressive structurally as it is visually, and it is definately worth to put on anyone’s bucket list who can bear the cold!

Bathtubs racing

Yes, you read that correctly, bathtub race… people may expect them to race moose or beavers, but actually, they prefer bathtubs in Canada. This wild tradition dates back to 1967, started in Nanaimo, British Columbia, when people did not want to simply throw our their old bathtubs. The commonly thought that it would be like throwing a baby out, sitting in a bath – so instead, they converted the tubs into racing machines and created a fun event. Nowadays the annual tradition is a part of the weekend-long Nanaimo Marine Festival every summer. In fact, concerts, art workshops, markets with various vendors, and many other things are organized around this crazy event!

Did you know?

Canada is a country that loves ketchup so much, they even have flavoured chips! These are exclusive to those who reside up in the north, since the best ketchup chips is a product by Lay’s, and they are only sold in Canada. Anyone who grows up in Canada remembers when how eating ketchup chips dusted their fingers with red ketchup seasoning and its smell lingered around for days!

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