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Accredited Panel Doctors

Accredited medical examination

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Accredited Panel Doctors in contact with the embassies of given countries:
In Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Zoltán Böröcz and Dr. Andrea Angi are the only accredited panel doctors who can conduct medical examinations that are accepted by the authorities of Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.
It’s important to note that while Dr. Andrea Angi is authorized to conduct examinations accepted by the authorities of Canada and New Zealand, Dr. Zoltán Böröcz is authorized to conduct examinations accepted by the authorities of Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.
Field of service: accredited panel doctor’s examinations
Place: District II. Budapest, Hungary

Here is a general list of what you may need to bring with you for your examination.

Please note that specific items required can vary based on your individual appointment, and you will be informed of these details when you apply.

  • original, valid passport
  • ID card
  • morning urine sample (in case you are applying for a US visa, you will need to provide a sample on site)
  • residence card
  • in case you have received any related document or ID number for your visa application, you may bring it as well (Eg. Australian visas: HAP ID; Canada: family sponsoring: Canadian ID-IME nr.)
  • medical records, final records
The esteemed realm of accredited panel doctors—a delightful bunch of medical wizards ready to sprinkle their expertise on your journey of living abroad. If you’re venturing to foreign lands, these clever healers are your personal health guardians, armed with stethoscopes and magical prescriptions. Hiring them is like having your own health superheroes, ensuring your well-being and sanity in the face of foreign medical systems. With their remarkable knowledge and accreditation, they’ll navigate the maze of health requirements and screenings, ensuring you meet all the necessary criteria for your new home. They possess an uncanny ability to decipher medical jargon and translate it into practical advice, leaving you feeling confident and in good hands. So, if you want to avoid awkward encounters with quack doctors and ensure your health is in the best possible care, enlisting these witty and wise accredited panel doctors is the smartest move you can make. They’ll work their medical magic, keeping you hale and hearty, and ready to conquer your new abode while sprinkling your journey with laughter and healthy brilliance. After all, living abroad is an adventure, and having a trusted doctor by your side makes it all the more safe and sound.

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