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International Career and Relocation Advisor


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Career abroad?

Whether you are looking for a job in Australia, New Zealand or Canada, I can help you find your dream position.

Over the past decade, I have helped countless families make a move internationally, provided guidance for CV and interview preparation, and connected people with locals in similar career fields. While I am not an immigration agent, I can assist you in increasing your chances of success and navigating the complex visa application process, or should I call it the 22-catch situation: if you are looking for a job in a country that requires a visa, you need a visa to find a job, but to get a visa you need a job offer.

However, it’s essential that you speak to an immigration adviser or immigration agent to find out the current guidelines and what kind of job you can get.

Briefly about me:

I currently live in Nelson, New Zealand, with my family. I have worked for international career consultancies, multinational corporations and recruitment agencies, both in Hungary and New Zealand, the US, and Australia. My diverse background enables me to assist you in advancing your career whether you are located in Hungary, Europe, or Australia.

  • My Location: Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Service area: International Career Counselor, Coach
  • Language: Hungarian, English
  • Qualification: ICF Coach
  • Experience: 15 years of human resource experience

Relocation Consultancy

Let’s talk!

During a consultation, we will discuss your background, goals, opportunities, and chances of finding a job.

Before the Consultation, please send us a CV (which you can attach to the contact form below) or a summary of your professional experience. That will help me to gain a better understanding of your professional background prior to our interview, and enable us to have a more meaningful discussion about your potential opportunities.

If there are specific issues you need to address, please send them in advance, so I can be prepared with appropriate answers.

Video consultation: 180 USD

E-mail Consultation: 115 USD

All in all package: 975 USD (This deal is perfect for you if you are certain about your plans to come to New Zealand.)

In this package, we focus on job search:

  • Professional analysis of the local job market.
  • Full CV assessment and reformat.
  • Cover letter writing and design.
  • Full LinkedIn assessment and redesign and rewrite.
  • LinkedIn networking with relevant stakeholders in your career.
  • Interview Preparation.
  • All Ongoing Support.
  • Direct employer contact and negotiation.
  • 4-hour one-on-one Consultation.
  • Relocation consultancy.
  • Tailor-made Potential Employer Search.

Before purchasing the package below, please email me with your CV to introduce yourself and let me know how I can assist you. Please note that I may not be able to help with certain professions that are not in demand in some countries that support hiring from overseas. To ensure a successful visa application, it is recommended that you also consult with an immigration agent to determine the necessary conditions you must meet.

Once you have filled out the form below, you can book an appointment by clicking on the provided link. This will redirect you to my calendar, where you can schedule our first consultation. Please note that if you decide to work with me, the first consultation will be included in the All-in-All package.

The timezone displayed will always be in accordance with your location.

All prices are in USD.

CV & LinkedIn profile writing + Cover Letters Package

  • ATS-compatible, ensuring your CV contains the relevant keywords your industry’s CV filtering system is looking for.
  • Full resume assessment, rewrite and design, tailored directly to your specific career.
  • Cover letter editing and writing.
  • LinkedIn’s optimization.
  • Unlimited revisions until approved.

CV & LinkedIn package price: 300 USD

Potential employer search

  • Employer research (minimum 50 relevant companies).
  • Delivery of 2 relevant connections at these companies.
  • All training materials to ensure you’re job search-ready.
  • Tailored material to assist you in making a meaningful first impression.

Employer search package: 300 USD

My team and I are committed to relieving the challenges of finding a job overseas, enabling you to focus on choosing the perfect location to begin your new life.

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This book aims to assist everyone who is considering making the important decision of moving to New Zealand. In this her book, Susan provides a universal overview of general topics to everyone who is interested in New Zealand.

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