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Australian Career and Business Consultant


7 different countries

I was lucky to live and work in 7 different countries before finally settling in Australia in 2008. I spent a year in Sydney, and then 7 years in regional QLD, where I was an HR and office manager at one of the biggest engineering companies in the country. In 2010, I established my own company, which is under my ownership. WeΒ gave a sponsorship opportunity for more than 50 families to settle in Australia.

In 2015, I moved to Brisbane, and since selling my business in 2019, I have been working as a carrier and business consultant Australiawide. I am a consultant to several businesses and also a guest presenter at one of the biggest Universities in QLD,Β and a moreorless happy Mum to a beautiful son.

With my years of personal and professional experience and my global perspective, I strongly believe I will be able to help your existing business and individual goals.

Even if all you have is a dream and the outlines of a plan at the moment, I can help advise you on how to turn it into reality.

Running a business or finding a job

Running or establishing a business will usually demand input from a range of professionals, however, I am able to overview the whole and advise or even suggest which professionals you may need, saving you both time and money.

I have a wide range of professionals with whom I maintain working relationships. Running a business or just finding the right job as an individual can sometimes feel like facing an impossible labyrinth. To get through the maze faster and reach your goals, I can support you or your business with personalized advice, information, andΒ opportunities.

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