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Do you long for Australia, this special continent on the Southern Hemisphere?

Would you like to take some time off and spend weeks or months exploring this stunning country? Are you interested in studying, working, or are you planning on a long-term stay? Contact me if you want to assess your options, get your questions answered, and get personalized advice about entry requirements and visas. You’ll know exactly what you need to get your visa without any hassle, so you can embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Let’s find the best possible solution before you hit the road. I look forward to answering your questions with up-to-date knowledge. I provide high-quality consulting services to assist clients with their visa application process, ensuring that those who aspire to visit Australia receive the necessary support.

Wonderful world of Australia

Australia is the smallest continent on Earth, and it is also part of Oceania. Did you know that the Latin name of the country is β€œterra australis incognita” meaning β€œunknown land of the south”?

It is the most recently discovered continent that is inhabited. The country’s eastern coastline, as well as its southeastern and southwestern regions, are inhabited by eucalyptus-loving koalas and also various small mammals, and platypuses. The kangaroo, which is Australia’s national animal, is commonly found in the savannas, with the giant red kangaroo being the largest species. The beautiful waters surrounding the continent are home to a diverse range of brightly colored fish, crabs, sea lions, and mollusks that coexist in perfect harmony.

One-third of Australia’s territory has a tropical climate, and two-thirds of it has a temperate climate. The population is sparsely distributed, with only 1% being indigenous Australians, 92% being European immigrants, and the remaining 7% being Asian. The center of the country is almost completely uninhabited, while almost 90% of the population resides in urban areas, with the majority living in cities like Perth in Western Australia and Tasmania on the southeast coast.


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19 June 2023